Facebook Voting App Part #2

Couple of days ago I found a genius method to increase number of likes on page using a voting live stream on Facebook and replicated the method. The link is here: How to get Facebook Likes using this Viral Method

Due to a high demand of all internet marketeers online and a huge amount of visits I decided to create an additional post that will complement the method really good.



BuzzFeed managed to get 2.2 million reactions to their video and close to 50,000 shares which I would call an enormous success! They even improved their Live feed with a nice animation of thumbs ups and hearts. I’m not implying that they copied this method from me, but it’s also a possibility.

As you can see, there’s some more potential twists to it and I decided to share them with you. I will just make the list that will help you get more ideas how to utilize this Facebook likes earning method and will increase it with more details tomorrow.

I compiled a list of all the uses of this Facebook Like earning method, its bug fixes and examples. I will add screenshots of potential success.

Here is the list:

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I really love to here more new ideas, so feel free to add them to the comments. I really appreciate any share on social networks! It really helps!

Update on 11/11/2016:

Some more stuff (such as a bugfix and more twists) added to the list.

Update on 11/12/2016:

Instructions on How to delete OBS Browser cache added to the list, thanks to johnwooden! I appreciate it!


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